"O no o no no, o no no"
― As heard in "Long Way" at The Origin Song Contest 03
Broadcaster TVP (Telewizja Polska)
Selection process Internal selection (#01)
Piosenka dla (#02-)
Appearances 5 (5 finals)
Debut #01
Best result 2nd, #04
Worst result 18th, #03

Flag of Poland Poland debuted in the first edition of The Origin Song Contest. The Polish broadcaster, Telewisja Polska is in charge of the country's participation at the contest. The country was the first host of the contest and has always qualified to the final, its best result being second place, achieved in the fourth edition with the song "Na koniec świata" performed by Honorata Skarbek.


Poland debuted in the first edition of the contest. The country hosted the edition in the Tauron Arena in Kraków. Anna Popek and Paulina Sykut Jeżyna hosted the contest. To represent the host country, TVP selected Kasia Popowska to perform her song "Dryfy". The entry was prequalified to the final and finished in 9th place with 72 points. This was, until the fourth edition, the best result Poland had achieved in the contest.

In the second edition, Poland hosted a national final called "Piosenka dla Finlandii" to select its entry. The song "Zagadka" by Lanberry was the winner and represented Poland at the contest in Espoo, Finland. The entry qualified to the final where it finished 12th with 52 points. Poland continued to use their national final in the third edition. The winner of "Piosenka dla Szwajcarii" was Bovska with "Long Way" who represented the country at the contest in Bern, Switzerland, qualifying to the final and placing 18th with 49 points. Piosenka dla Niemiec was held to select the Polish song for the fourth edition of the contest; Honorata Skarbek was the winner who represented Poland with the song "Na koniec świata" in Cologne. Skarbek scored Poland's best result to date, winning the semi and ultimately placing second with 112 points.

Following reigning champion Italy's withdrawal in the fifth edition, Poland became hosts of the edition, selecting Anna Popek to host the edition in the Ergo Arena, in Gdańsk-Sopot. TVP also internally selected the band Lor, with the song "Windmill" chosen from three in Piosenka dla Lor. The band made a second consecutive top three for the country, winning the positive vote and placing third with 138 points - the most points received by Poland to date. For the sixth edition, TVP internally selected MANNEI to represent the country in Sweden, while Piosenka dla MANNEI selected "Savage" as her pre-qualified entry.

Contestants and Results Edit

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Kasia Popowska "Dryfy" 9 72
Host country
#02 Lanberry "Zagadka" 12 52 5 82
#03 Bovska "Long Way" 18 49 8 51
#04 Honorata Skarbek "Na koniec świata" 2 112 1 107
#05 Lor "Windmill" 3 138
Host country
#06 MANNEI "Savage" TBD
"Big 6" member

Split positive/negative votesEdit

Edn. Song Final Semi
Positive Points Negative Points Positive Points Negative Points
#01 "Dryfy" 11 83 3 11
Host country
#02 "Zagadka" 9 94 26 42 3 94 13 12
#03 "Long Way" 16 72 17 23 9 59 11 8
#04 "Na koniec świata" 1 138 18 26 1 111 5 4
#05 "Windmill" 1 152 8 14
Host country

Draw HistoryEdit

The table below lists the positions in the running order Poland has been allocated to.

Table key
     First half
     Second half
Contest Show Draw
#01 Final 02
#02 Semi-final 2 05
Final 11
#03 Semi-final 2 05
Final 23
#04 Semi-final 1 06
Final 11
#05 Final 08

Betting OddsEdit

Since the first edition, the betting odds have been revealed following the previews. Based on the ranking of countries by other participating broadcasters, the betting odds provide a rough view of the chances a country has to win the contest.

Edition Place Odds Actual result Difference
#01 9th 3.33 9th 0
#02 3rd 2.76 12th -9
#03 28th 4.52 18th +10
#04 1st 2.44 2nd -1
#05 6th 2.76 3rd +3

Voting HistoryEdit

12 PointsEdit

Table key

     Winner – Poland gave 12 points to a winning song / Poland won the contest.
     Second place – Poland gave 12 points to a runner-up song / Poland was runner-up in the contest.
     Third place – Poland gave 12 points to a third place song / Poland came third in the contest.
     Qualified – Poland gave 12 points to a song that was a qualifier / Poland was a qualifier.
     Non-qualified – Poland gave 12 points to a song that was not a qualifier / Poland was not a qualifier.
Record of 12 points
Edn. Given Received
Final Semi Final Semi
#01 [1] Flag of Finland Finland Flag of San Marino San Marino None Host country
Flag of Finland Finland
#02 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Flag of Spain Spain Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Norway Norway
Flag of Romania Romania
#03 Flag of Belarus Belarus Flag of Latvia Latvia Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
Flag of Latvia Latvia
#04 Flag of Estonia Estonia Flag of Finland Finland Flag of Belarus Belarus
Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
#05 Flag of Finland Finland Flag of Belgium Belgium None Host country

Other ContestsEdit

OGAO Second Chance ContestEdit

The Second Chance contest takes place every edition around the same time as the second semi final. Although it is not a televised event, TVP acknowledges it as part of the contest. It is organised by OGAO, the fan club for The Origin Song Contest.

Edn. Artist Song NF Result Points
#02 Ewelina Lisowska "Zrób To!" 2nd 3 77
#03 Agata Dziarma Dziarmagowska "Kawaii" 5th 4 69
#04 Dominika Sojda "Neony" 2nd 4 84
#05 Lor "Aquarius" 3rd TBD


  1. As Poland was the only pre-qualified nation, it voted in both semi finals this edition.