Broadcaster LTV
Appearances 5 (4 finals)
Debut #01
Best result 4th, #03, #04
Worst result 16th SF, #01
Latvia debuted in the first edition of The Origin Song Contest. The Latvian broadcaster, LTV, is in charge of the country's participation at the contest.

History Edit

Latvia debuted in the first edition of the contest. To represent country, LTV selected Marta Grigale to perform her song "Bez 5 Minūtēm". Latvia performed in the first semi-final and failed to qualify, achieving sixteenth place with 11 points.

In the second edition, Latvia hosted a national final called "Supernova 2" to select its entry. The song "Forget" by Adriana Miglāne was the winner and represented Latvia at the contest in Espoo, Finland. The entry qualified to the final where it finished 9th with 67 points.

In the third edition, Latvia once again used its national final format having qualified with the format last edition. The winner of "Supernova 3" was the group Franco Franco with "By the Lake" who represented the country at the contest in Bern, Switzerland.

Contestants and Results Edit

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Marta Grigale "Bez 5 Minūtēm"
Did not qualify
16 11
#02 Adriana Miglāne "Forget" 9 67 4 80
#03 Franco Franco "By the Lake" 4 126 3 99
#04 Laura Rizzotto "Red Flags" 4 106 "Big 6" member
#05 Zane Dombrovska "Man tas netiek klāt" 6 87
#06 In My Head "All I Need" TBD

Split positive/negative votes Edit

Edn. Song Final Semi
Positive Points Negative Points Positive Points Negative Points
#01 "Bez 5 Minūtēm"
Did not qualify
15 25 16 14
#02 "Forget" 12 85 14 18 4 88 9 8
#03 "By the Lake" 5 133 2 7 3 100 3 1
#04 "Red Flags" 4 116 8 10 "Big 6" member
#05 "Man tas netiek klāt" 6 102 9 15
#06 "All I Need"

Draw History Edit

The table below lists the positions in the running order Latvia has been allocated to.

Table key
     First half
     Second half
Contest Show Draw
#01 Semi-final 1 03
#02 Semi-final 2 13
Final 08
#03 Semi-final 2 13
Final 13
#04 Final 20
#05 Final 19

Voting history Edit

Latvia's voting statistics as of the fourth edition. The tables list the points given or deducted by Latvia in the semi-finals and the finals. Faroe Islands is currently the country that has received the most points from Latvia.

Latvia has given the most points to...
(semi-finals and finals)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 36
2 Flag of Norway Norway 34
3 Flag of Monaco Monaco 32
4 Flag of Belarus Belarus 29
Flag of Denmark Denmark 29
Flag of Poland Poland 29
5 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus 18
Flag of Germany Germany 18
Flag of Italy Italy 18
Flag of Portugal Portugal 18

Latvia has deducted the most points from...
(semi-finals and finals)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Monaco Monaco -12
2 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina -7
Flag of Ireland Ireland -7
3 Flag of San Marino San Marino -6
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia -6
4 {{}} .
5 {{}} .

Other Contests Edit

OGAO Second Chance ContestEdit

The Second Chance contest takes place every edition around the same time as the second semi final. Although it is not a televised event, LTV acknowledges it as part of the contest. It is organised by OGAO, the fan club for The Origin Song Contest.

Edn. Artist Song NF Result Points
#02 Katrīna Cīrule "Blood Runs Quicker" 2nd 2 77
#03 Triana Park "Iron Blue" 2nd 3 74
#04 Baiba Dēķena "Touch You Right" 6th 11 44
#05 Kristiāna "Flashbacks" 4th