Ingen Anna Of The North
Final 17 June 2018
Venue Oslo Spektrum, Oslo
Presenter(s) Paula Deen
Broadcaster NRK
Entries 7
System 100% jury. Each national jury rates each entry from 1 to 50.000.
Winner Emilie Adams - "Aliens"
Ingen Anna Of The North
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Ingen Anna Of The North 02 (English: No Anna Of The North 02) is the national selection of Norway, used to select the Norwegian act for the fifth edition of The Origin Song Contest.

Before TOSC Edit

NRK had confirmed via Twitter that a national selection will be held once again due to its success last edition, keeping the same format. The submissions were opened on 16th May and on the 1st of June, the seven selected entries had been announced. The American chef and cooking show television host Paula Deen was the host, Deen herself being a TOSC fan.

Results Edit

Draw Artist Song Writers Place Votes
01 Sophie Elise "In My Head" Elias Näslin, Nicklas Lif & Sophie Elise Isachsen 6 488,954
02 Emilie Adams "Aliens" Emilie Adams, Olle Blomström & Kristofer Östergren 1 629,218
03 Amanda Delara "Dirhamz" Björn Lindholm Hallberg, Sondre Haftorsen & Petter Walther Walthinsen 3 530,443
04 Ine Hoem "Moonland" Ine Hoem & Tobias Froberg 7 458,286
05 CLMD ft. Justine Skye & Jepser Jenset "Never Wanna Lose You" Martin Bjercke & Marcus Ulstad Nilsen 5 489,633
06 Amanda Tenfjord "First Impression" Amanda Tenfjord & Askjell Solstrand 2 537,559
07 Matoma ft. MAX "Lonely" Richard Boardman, Sarah Blanchard, Nicolas Gale, Pablo Bowman, Max Schneider & Aaron Hibell 4 498,299