Broadcaster VRT
Selection process N'importe Qui Sauf Emma Bale
Appearances 5 (5 finals)
Debut #01
Best result 2nd, #05
Worst result 16th, #02
Belgium debuted in the first edition of The Origin Song Contest. The Flemish broadcaster, VRT, is in charge of the country's participation at the contest.

Belgium's Trademark Edit

Belgium is often referred to as "Beelgium" due to their delegation's enthusiasm about bees since Edition 03. They share this with Belarus, who is known as "Beelarus".

Furthermore, Belgium's enthusiasm continues within the contest. Edition 03 representative Mustii makes numerous appearances to check on how his beloved country is performing each edition. He also appeared as Belgium's spokesperson for Latvia's National Selection in Edition 05, in a Papa Smurf costume. He was, at first, disguising himself as a Smurf. However, he let out his real identity after accidentally saying that Belgium's 12 points were going to "Feed Me", his own song.

1536157219521 image1

Mustii, alternatively known as Papa Smurf here, announcing the votes from Belgium in Supernova 05 (Video credit: ESC Latvia)

Contestants and Results Edit

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Bazart "Goud" 8 73 5 75
#02 Henri PFR feat. Raphaella "Until the End" 16 41 8 66
#03 Mustii "Feed Me" 8 73 3 99
#04 Sonnfjord "Lights" 12 60 3 86
#05 Charlotte "Fuis" 2 141 1 115
#06 Le Manou "Fling" TBD "Big 6" member